Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Stripes collection Scarf

Here is the scarf to match the beret I offered you last week.

This is demonstrated here in Sirdar Peru Naturals again, but could be used in any other chunky yarn, such as Debbie Bliss Glen

What I have done is created this scarf with a difference....
the stitches go on the needle and after only 31 rows, including cast-off, the scarf is finished!

Yes, that's right, no putting it aside and wondering why you never finished that scarf, only to pull it out the next time it's cold to realise there's so much more to knit.
The completed scarf measures approximately 5.5" x 60"(14x150cm)

As before the scarf pattern is available via Ravelry, for £2.39. Click below for instant access.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Stripes Collection Beret

A new collection of accessories, a shorter scarf and light beanie, beret and cowl will be released over the next few weeks.

Here're some photos to tempt you...
 I've used some chunky yarn, a discontinued yarn, by Sirdar, which is a mixture of wool, acrylic and alpaca, known as Peru, or it's tweed option Peru Naturals.

It's a great option if you do have stash yarn, as the items take 2x50g balls at the most.

Alternative yarns would be Rowan Cocoon or
Debbie Bliss Glen

I hope you have fun with this lightweight, but warm collection. The pattern for each piece can be bought and downloaded over the next few weeks from here, or my Ravelry store.

Click here to download the pattern for £2.39.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Leaf Beret Beanie

This week I am completing the pair for you... with the hat to match the Leaf Pocket Scarf. The hat is an oversized beret, which suits the super chunky yarn. Again, I have used Sirdar Denim Ultra to make the hat up.

Ten leaves begin at the brim, five of which fade as shaping changes from increasing to decreasing.
As in the scarf, there are 'yarn over's,  to create the holes and knitting together three stitches to form the stem in the centre of each leaf.

The beret can be worn as a side beret, or as a beanie, which falls down the back of the head and will cover both ears if pulled further over the head.

This pattern is available for instant download. Just click below...

Leaf Beret Beanie pdf, £2.39

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Leaf Pocket Scarf

Today I have for you a snuggly, cosy, super chunky knitted scarf with patch leaf pockets.

I have designed this to fit an adult or teenager and knitted it in the ivory cream option of Sirdar Denim Ultra, with 10mm needles.

The scarf is 75"/188cm long and will double over for extra protection against winter chill or hang long with the pockets at hand height.

As you can see the pockets are large enough for a pair  of gloves or a sneaky bar of chocolate! 

There are so many super Chunky or Ultra Chunky yarns available, just imagine what Autumnal and Winter shades this could become. 

This pattern is available for instant download, just click below...

Leaf Pocket Scarf pdf, £2.39