Friday, 29 January 2016

My Mandala Practice

For the six months from July to December 2015 I challenged myself to draw a Mandala every day. And I just about did it. As the year closed my interest was heightened and I began drawing different shapes and swirls on the page and creating different designs for my own and other's pleasure. I even created a couple of Christmas presents and cards for friends and family.

Here are a few examples of what I was drawing. (I'll write about what a mandala is and can become in the next week, and offer you some ideas for beginning your own mandala practice too.)

 When I began I used a small, 5" square sketch pad with a selection of eight fine-tip pens. I usually restricted myself to one colour a day, so I wouldn't be distracted by continually changing colour.
My intention was to find a focus on the page and use this practice as a meditation ritual. I very much wanted to learn about myself and my patience from creating without guidelines and a range of materials.

As you can see some of my mandalas became very intricate. I surprised myself a lot and as the weeks and months went by I found the process easier each day, my confidence grew and I enjoyed the process more and more.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

New pattern... Bobble Baby Blanket

I would like to share more patterns with you over the next few months, as the plait cloche has been so popular and received so many visits and downloads. Please share any final project photos with us all in the comments, I'd love to see what colours and yarns you use.

Some patterns will be free, and some I will ask a nominal fee. If you feel you are using the patterns and are able to donate a small amount to support my design work a donate button has been added to the side of the page.

Here is the first pattern, a Baby Blanket,  knitted in Aran or worsted weight yarn, there is no need to choose any particular blend or manufacturer of yarn for this project. Just choose whichever you prefer. The size may vary slightly, but as long as you use an Aran yarn on 6mm needles you are likely to achieve a baby blanket approximately 24x28 inches (60x70cm).

This pattern is available for instant download, for £2.39, just click below...